Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Salary

The average LPN Salary plays a big role in one’s decision to pursue a career as a licensed practical nurse. Becoming an LPN is a very attractive option considering the attractive salary and amount of training required.

LPN Job Security

In this time and age, medical and healthcare professionals are on high demand and Licensed Practical Nurses are no exception. This demand is growing daily. This provides LPN’s with something of more importance than the LPN salary.

High demand for LPN services provides job security for Licensed Practical Nurses that is higher than the norm. Job security is especially important in hard economic times, such as what we face today.

LPN Duties

lpn salariesThe Licensed Practical Nurse salary is directly tied to the work they do. LPNs mostly find work in hospitals and nursing homes. They work directly with the patient and report to the Registered Nurse (RN) or directly to the physician. Apart from assisting Registered Nurses, their duties may include:

  • Providing nursing care for ill, disabled or injured persons
  • Dressing tasks
  • Bathing of some patients
  • Collecting samples for laboratory testing
  • Performing routine laboratory tests
  • Feeding some patients
  • Recording food and fluid intake and output

All this is done under the supervision of an RN.

LPN Salary

You might be wondering; what exactly is the LPN salary? This is a very difficult question to answer. Licensed Practical Nurse salaries depend on the following factors:

  • Living standards of the location (State)
  • Experience and Credentials
  • Certification
  • Industry type
  • Other lesser factors such as gender

Below above factors are explored independently. Please note that these are just estimations based on information courtesy of

LPN Salary by Location

Different states have different living standards and the cost of life is also different. The licensed practical nurses pay is directly affected by this. Below is a list of states and what an LPN is likely to paid in the individual state:

  • Georgia: $24,453 – $48,197
  • Virginia: $24,125 – $51,209
  • Ohio: $23,064 – $50,811
  • New York: $26,801 – $53,543
  • Florida: $25,468 – $55,859
  • Pennsylvania: $22,694 – $53,849

LPN Salary by Industry Type

There are many industries where LPN’s can practice their trade. Different industries pay differently. Below are possible LPN salary ranges for different industries:

  • Nursing Homes: $24,646 – $54,427
  • Long-term Care: $28,635 – $57,577
  • Healthcare: $25,014 – $53,195
  • Hospitals: $24,892 – $50,515
  • Family Medicine: $23,138 – $46,194
  • Medical Services: $24,150 – $49,954
  • Home/Private Health Care: $24,472 – $53,015

LPN Salary by Experience and Credentials

Just like any other industry, the experience and credentials affect the LPN’s salary. We know that the more the experience, the higher the pay. Possible Licensed Practical Nurse salary ranges are:

  • 1-4 years: $23,673 – $48,483
  • 5-9 years: $24,691 – $51,947
  • 10-19 years: $26,717 – $59,138
  • 20+ years: $26,711 – $56,084

LPN Salary by Certification

Certification in different fields not only increases your likeliness to be hired but also affects your pay. It is thus good practice to seek further certification as you pursue the LPN your career. Possible LPN salary ranges based on certification are listed below:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant: $16,800 – $50,057
  • Emergency Medical Technician: $26,631 – $57,162
  • Wound Care Certification: $34,392 – $50,868
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support: $35,341 – $44,000
  • Basic Life Support: $25,389 – $50,686
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: $23,373 – $48,729
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program: $30,658 – $42,729
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support: $27,458 – $54,631
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support: $39,315 – $56,101

Other lesser factor that affect the Licensed Practical Nurse salary

Gender- Men typically make more as LPNs. This however dependent on other factors and those listed above.